Lebanese Meatball Pocket Recipe

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Lebanese meatball pocket in a serving dish Lebanese meatball pocket recipe

Experience authentic Lebanese flavours at home with these quick and easy meatball pockets! Full of fresh ingredients, this makes a great family lunch or dinner.


Lebanese meatball pocket
500 gminced (ground) beef
1 egg
1/2 cupstale breadcrumbs
2 tbspolive oil
4 packaged pitta bread
1/3 cuppackaged hummus
1 cuppackaged tabbouleh
Recipe by The Australian Women’s Weekly


Lebanese meatball pocket

1. Combine beef, egg and stale breadcrumbs in a medium bowl; roll rounded tablespoons of mixture into balls, flatten slightly.
2. Cook meatballs in a heated oiled large frying pan until browned and cooked through.
3. Cut 4 pitta bread in half horizontally. Spread pittas with hummus, top with meatballs and tabbouleh. Sumber https://arabic-food.blogspot.com

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